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4 July 2008

The History of Ethiopian Music – Two Interviews

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People specifically interested in the music of Ethiopia will enjoy these two interviews with Kay Kaufman Shelemay:

Ethiopia: Empire and Revolution

Ethiopia: Diaspora and Return

Dr. Shelemay is an ethnomusicologist who teaches in the Harvard University Department of Music.

She is the author of A Song of Longing: An Ethiopian Journey (University of Illinois Press, 1991).

This post seems to begin abruptly because I lost the prior post which said:

Leo Sarkisian

Music Time in Africa from the Voice of America was one of my favorite radio programs when the pictures below were taken. The program was hosted by Leo Sarkisian, a remarkable musicologist and artist.

People who enjoy Music Time in Africa might also enjoy Charlie’s Gillet’s World of Music on the World Service of the BBC. He features contemporary and classic music across the globe.

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